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Winter Whites Interiors at Pendle Village Mill

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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”  

So said Leonardo da Vinci, and who are we to question a genius?

Winter Whites …. Don’t think you can pull off pristine white during the colder months? In shades of ivory, cream, and snow, winter whites  is perfect for every space, from the bedroom to the dining room.

There is just something we love about winter white. Even the words crunch together like crisp leaves underfoot. The clean, fresh feel of white gives a welcome lift to the winter season, with its grey skies and dreary rain. Here at Pendle Village Mill, our talented Interior Designer, Kath, creates stunning rooms sets and displays throughout the Mill which will inspire and WOW you on each and every visit.

White is still growing in popularity as homeowners realise its true potential. Many people are decorating their entire living rooms and kitchens white, with a range of shades such as grey and beige included for a little contrast. But don’t forget, opting for white walls or white fitted furniture doesn’t mean everything has to be white. It acts as a perfect blank canvas to get creative with.

The crispness of white interiors has many benefits. Here are just a few to try and persuade you not to shy away from the colour:

1.It creates space! Why do you think most bathrooms – the smallest room in most properties – are decorated white? White walls make a room feel more spacious by reflecting more light. This is why so many apartments and flats embrace white walls and surfaces too, as it makes the most of the space.

2. It gives a clean, fresh feel which is perfect all year round. Dark colours can feel wintery and pastel shades too summery, but white is so versatile that it can be ideal to cool you down in summer and evoke warmth in the winter.

3. It frames the centrepiece. If you have a large piece of art or colourful selection of possessions which you wish to showcase, white is the perfect colour to do so.

4. White is a standard paint colour which you can find anywhere – this means white furniture lasts a long time as it is easy to touch up and repair.

So join the white furniture revolution and visit Pendle Village Mill for a White range of modern and contemporary furniture and homewares. Bookcases, workstations, wardrobes, dressing tables, lighting, rugs, tables and chairs all look beautiful in shades of  white and cream.

Winter Whites -Utterly modern and beautiful, its simplicity and functionality speaks for itself. So make your home Beautiful with WINTER WHITES at Pendle Village Mill . We’ve got ‘Whites’ from  Musbury, Woods Gifts, sofas and chairs, furniture from Ancient Mariner and 2 floors of inspiration.

Check out the ‘White painted oak’ Kardean Flooring which we stock and fit at Pendle Village Mill  for flooring design Winter White Inspiration.


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