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Seeing the Light… The Industrial Revolution

Industrial Delight Lighting

”My Dear Uncle Harry,

I am writing to apologise.  How right you were about those old pine trunks, the dusty old suitcases languishing high in the corner – that box of light bulbs in all shapes & sizes with strange looking centres – not forgetting the one that always used to swing my way as we clambered down the precarious cellar steps.

Uncle Harry! How right you were. “Don’t throw these away when I’m gone you’d say – they’ll be back in fashion, you’ll see” …….And throw them we did.

I am so sorry.

Your vintage loving & very apologetic Niece.”


From old Victorian houses to the gritty northern factories such as Pendle Village Mill built in 1885,  filament light bulbs with their basic cage shaped shades, glass domes or enamel covers hung from ceilings gathering dust – not pretending to be anything but a ‘thing’ that had to be there, in their austere design- basic & understated.

Who would have thought then that those ‘ugly’ basic forms of industrial lighting  would turn into a highly sought after interior decoration especially in their original form. Lucky for us they are being reproduced in many shades & textures & sit perfectly in many different room situations.

At Pendle Village Mill we’ve introduced our own nod to the Industrial Age with pendants & cage lights with that  ‘uber chic’ look for home interiors. This fabulous range of lighting is adaptable to so many room types:

Rustic rooms with heavy wood floors (see a huge selection at the mill), baskets, open fires & the obligatory family dog stretched out by the log basket on a Navaho print rug with matching cushions & throw an enamel shade sending out a warm glow.

The Vintage room with its friendly tan leather & Harris Tweed  sofa surrounded by an eclectic mix of trunks & boxes, yesterdcage lighting interiors, tetrad sofa, harris tweeday’s newspaper & a decanter filled with a best red! A mix of filament bulbs hanging strong & visual in a corner near the vintage bookcase.





The Retro room- cool, clean,  simple lines, fifties textile designs & confident colours. Imagine a ‘Rose Gold’ cage light gracing the ceiling or sitting in the corner in ‘standard’ form.

industrial glass cage light

This industrial lighting  look is simple, functional & affordable but still capable of adding an air of sophistication when placed creatively and thoughtfully in a room.

At Pendle Village Mill we pride ourselves on sourcing the best interior products for our customers to enjoy. Just a simple change of light fitting can make such a difference to a room. Being creative with it is even better, be daring , use different styles together – bare filament bulbs with cage lights for instance but always arrange them in odd no’s ( threes or  fives).

Industrialmcage lighting pendle village mill

Again I apologise to dear Uncle Harry whose house was a treasure trove I failed to spot. Reproduction has become the norm for us & those treasures we so foolishly let go can once again be purchased close to home in our local store in Nelson Lancashire.

The Industrial Lighting Revolution lives on!!

Author – Kath Fairburn – Interior Designer


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