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”Disney may have been on to something when he gave Aladdin a magic carpet.”

There are so many great benefits to choosing rugs for your home. We think rugs are pretty magic too and we’ve got hundreds of them in our large carpet and flooring department with up to 70% off  during February in our Big Rug event!

A new rug can transform a room, instantly helping to define the character or mood of the room and adding colour and texture that other floor coverings can’t quite manage.

You will be amazed at how much difference a rug can make to the look and feel of a room. Whether you go for a statement piece with bold colours to totally transform a room without completely re-decorating, or choose something subtler to blend with your existing décor and tie a room together. Rugs don’t have to be situated just in your living area. They can complement any room, from your bathroom to your bedroom and even a conservatory or as a throw on a chair or sofa.

From colourful Persian rugs to the warmth of a shag pile or sheepskin, our knowledgeable staff will give you the low-down on what works best for your room .  To help you decide we’ve put together some rug styling tips and advice :

Warmth and Luxury

The benefits of a wood floor are immeasurable. They are simple, effective, easy to put together and easy to clean. However, a well-chosen rug centrepiece can often add a decorative spark, as well as an extra homely feel to your living area when you just want to snuggle up and enjoy life’s comforts.

Kath our Interior Designer at Pendle Village says,

“A wood floor creates a neutral base but  it’s  with rugs and soft furnishings that a room is pulled together with tones and lustre. Rooms with lighter tones and neutral colours offer much more flexibility than brightly coloured rooms where you may have to stick with the general theme, or colour co-ordinate. Add a  fur or hide  to bring texture and depth to your soft furnishings.’’

Reindeer hide rug, fur rugs, sheepskin rug

”Rugs are a fantastic addition to any room and can add colour, texture, warmth and style to your home. Make Your Home Beautiful with Pendle Village Mill”


Stripes can help to make your space look bigger. In rooms with different pieces of furniture or an awkward size, a rug with an overall pattern would work better. Pattern and colour can also create useful design illusions on the eye. Rugs with a horizontal striped pattern can make a narrow room look wider, while a darker rug combined with a paler wall decoration provides a focal point and holds the furniture in a room.

Size Matters

When it comes to choosing your rug always err on the side of too big rather than too small, furniture can be placed on top of a larger rug, too small and you’ll have a trip hazard. A smaller rug should always be situated as a centrepiece to a living room, between furniture, however the length should be larger than the furniture itself.

Hide that annoying stain

For anyone with kids or pets who are just a little accident-prone, you will undoubtedly have a few marks on your otherwise perfect flooring that no amount of elbow grease will shift. An area rug could be the ideal solution for you and an infinitely more attractive option to re-carpeting or re-varnishing the entire area.

Define your space

If you have a large multifunctional room a rug can help you to define your space, giving you more intimate and organized room “zones.” For example, by placing sofas around a plush area rug you will instantly create a homely lounge area, clearly defining it from your dining or office area.


Nothing can quite compare to the feeling of a deep pile rug underfoot. If you have hardwood or vinyl flooring you may notice these surfaces can get cold especially in the winter months. A warm and cosy rug will create a feeling of instant comfort especially when positioned in seating areas or by the fireplace. Whether you choose a sheepskin , a cow-hide or a traditional wool rug, it is sure to create a feeling of relaxation, warmth and an inviting environment for you and your guests.

Rugs at Pendle Village, rugs quote


So rugs have many great benefits and can add a bit of magic to your home. They are cheaper than fully fitted carpets, allow you more versatility in choosing colours and styles to suit your taste, allow you to change your room’s look by changing your rug’s position, and create a warm and inviting feel to any room.

At Pendle Village you will find all kinds of rugs in a variety of colours and styles, for every budget – flat weave, Persian, Gabbeh, long pile, hand tufted, shaggy, children’s personalised rugs, runners, wool, acrylic …. So just come down & have a browse you’ll be spoilt for choice and you can  enjoy up to 70% off in our fantastic February RUG SALE EVENT!


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