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WitchHedge Extendable Garden Hedging

The Witchhedge Extendable Hedge Range from Urban10, at Pendle Village Mill, Provides instant artificial hedging for small or large areas. It’s so easy to install as the hedging is set on a lattice framework which simply extends to create a square /rectangle piece of hedge area. Each hedge  extends up to 2 metres x 1 metre.


With realistic looking foilage, there is a choice of 3 different types/colour of leaves – Summer, Autumn and Laurel leaf.

They can be used to create instant privacy and screening. Ideal for gardens, yards, balconies, swimming pools & terraces or use them  to transform unsightly areas around bins, fencing or maybe even gates that have seen better days. The possibilities are endless.

You can place several hedges together to create a large green space. So with Summer around the corner its time to get your garden and patio areas spruced up with our Witchhedge extendable hedging at a promotional price of  £35.99 per 2m x 1m hedge.

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