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Artificial Grass supplied by Pendle Village

Artificial Grass supplied by Pendle Village, Brierfield
Artificial Grass supplied by Pendle Village, Brierfield

Why choose artificial Grass

Are you looking for a maintenance-free solution to your lawn problems? Synthetic turf, artificial grass, or fake grass may be the answer. Our grass offers a simple, high-quality solution suitable for a wide range of applications.

What are the advantages?

No weeding required

Low maintenance

Zero feeding or pesticides

Save money on watering

Safe for children

Where can it be used?

Residential homes

Commercial properties

Play areas & parks

Landscaped areas & displays

Pet friendly

Your new artificial Witch grass aesthetic look and feel should make you smile. However, it should not be the only consideration when choosing grass. The second consideration should be the durability of the product. The UK weather requires the product to be weather and heat resistant. Because you have the choice, you should ensure the grass has a look and feel that makes you happy!

Why not get in touch and discuss your requirements?

    Pick the grass that suits you!

    Witch Grass – Avon – 30mm pile available in 2 or 4 meters wide x length

    Witch Grass -Heavenly – 40mm pile available in 2 or 4 meters wide x length

    Witch Grass -Savoy – 40mm pile available in 2 or 4 meters wide x length

    Witch Grass -Trent – 22mm pile available in 2 or 4 meters wide x length

    Uses for Artificial Grass

    Replacement of lawns and decorative areas

    Children’s playgrounds and indoor nursery areas

    Golf & Putting areas (requires put n play grass – this is a unique order item which Pendle Village can supply)

    Need more information before making your choice?

    Selecting suitable grass for you and your placement can be difficult. One of the things you should consider is the pile length (length of the actual individual blade of grass). A longer pile means each blade is heavier, so over time can lead to a flat appearance after gravity and time have played their part.

    Drainage should be considered, especially in areas that retain water for extended periods. Artificial grass allows water to percolate through the backing. The drainage rate is dependent on the size of the holes in the backing material. A standard drainage rate from a ½ centimetre hole should remove 30 inches per hour, calculated per square yard.

    Although this type of grass means the end of pulling out the lawnmower, you may still want to take care of your new grass and its appearance. A brush is an ideal tool for this purpose. Brushing against the grass’s natural fibre in areas that receive heavy foot traffic can help the grass regain its height and appear consistent with the surrounding areas. A leaf blower can easily remove leaves, small twigs, petals, and other debris.

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