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Bar Stools

We have a large range of kitchen and breakfast bar stools to choose from. Whether you are looking for a traditional wooden style, or metal and leather bar stools to suit a more modern decor, we have got something for everyone. Our latest on-trend bar stools include velvet upholstered and rattan wicker bar stools which make a statement in any kitchen.

Bar sets are a perfect addition if you are looking to add a dining area in a small space, or need extra dining space in your kitchen or bar area. Our bar stools are sold as part of a set, and also sold separately so that you can create your own looks.

Below we’ve outlined things to consider when planning your bar stools.

What height does the bar stool need to be?

When choosing your perfect bar stool, you need to measure from the floor to the table top or kitchen counter, then subtract 10-12 inches to get the height of your bar stool seat. Essentially, there should be a10-12 inches gap between the seat of the bar stool and the kitchen counter top so you can sit comfortably. For a flexible alternative, choose an adjustable-height bar stool, these are also great for younger children as they may need the extra height.

How many bar stools will fit?

When deciding how many stools will fit, you need to ensure people can eat and drink comfortably without elbowing each other, and get in and out of their seat easily. A good distance to leave between each stool is no less than 15cm, and remember to leave at least 15cm from the last bar stool to the end of the counter top.

How comfy do you want the bar stools to be?

Bar stools can be stylish and comfortable. Padded bar stools provide more comfort and support, and consider high backrests and armrests for additional support.

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