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Dimension I by Natasha Barnes


In stock

In stock

– Artist Natasha Barnes
– 62.5cm x 62.5cm
– Framed and glazed

Shop our Natasha Barnes art range at Pendle Village. Dimension I by Natasha Barnes is a framed and glazed print.

Completely self-taught Natasha’s journey began by transforming ordinary visual images into works of art, instinctively finding their way to her pallet and the walls of many commercial and private collections around the world.

As with all Journey’s the abstract nature of this path soon took hold and without guidance or persuasion, Natasha found herself moving in a completely different direction in a very short space of time.

Her love for expressionism and movement was hard to suppress. Natasha eventually let my hand roam free, creating the many large abstract works of colour, for which she is known today.

Today Natasha keeps a studio in Ballito, South Africa. Here she spends a great deal of her day doing what she loves most, painting.

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